Care Home Workers Caught On Spy Camera Dragging 71-Year-Old Alzheimer’s Patient From Her Bed

The daughters of an older Alzheimer’s patient started to worry about how their mom was being treated in her care home. They had a feeling she was being mistreated, so they opted to place a camera in her room to catch any wrongdoings.

What they did catch was enough to make them furious.

Joy Lewis, the mother of Teresa and Kelly, was a patient at the Brookside House Care Home, located in Nottinghamshire. The terrible footage shows Joy, who also suffers from Parkinson’s disease and diabetes, being dragged from her bed in the morning by her wrists. This was after the senior had confided in her daughters that the staff purposely kept her away from residents and did not like her.

But, according to the staff, she was just “confused.”

However, Kelly later saw bruises on her mother’s wrists and noticed she was covered in bed sores. That is when she decided to buy a camera from Amazon and place it in Joy’s room, out of sight from the caregivers.

The daughters were shocked and disgusted at what they saw on the footage a couple of days later.

They could hear the staff verbally abusing their mom and ignoring her requests to use the restroom. The footage also revealed Joy being dragged by her wrists from her bed. Joy was left to sit in her own urine even when she begged to be changed. If that wasn’t bad enough, she was refused water and food.

Kelly was disgusted by the video, claiming that anyone that has the ability to handle someone in this way is a vile creature.

Joy has four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She was brought to Brookside House in February 2017. Joy had once been a caregiver herself, looking after seniors with dementia and other conditions.

Joy’s daughters immediately went to the police with their evidence. All three caregivers, Joanne Hardstaff, Rebecca King, and Teresa Cutts, confessed to the charges of ill-treatment and received suspended sentences and community service orders.

Joy’s daughters are hoping for CCTV to be mandatory in every care home. Brookside House closed down and Joy is now living in a much better place, healthy and happy.

We are happy this turned out okay, but what a terrible thing to have to go through! Do you have any horror stories that you would like to tell? We’re here in the comment section to listen! Please pass this on to others on your page!