Drunk Driver’s Mother Cracks Up in Court, Room Applauds When Judge Throws Her in Jail

Most people would be filled with regret and guilt if their bad drunk driving decision took the life of someone else.

Their actions led to the death of someone’s loved one, and there’s no way that those actions could ever be taken back.

It’s so easy to get a taxi that it just doesn’t make sense to drink and drive and to do so seems downright irresponsible.

While driving drunk is one of the worst decisions that someone can make, a case in Redford Township, Michigan showed the world that it could be worse. Sometimes, people don’t regret their inexcusable actions even if it happens to take someone’s life.

According to WDIV, Amanda Kosal, 25, struck a car being driven by Jerome Zirker and his fiance Brittany Johnson, both 31. She killed Jerome Zirker and injured his fiance when she drove into the wrong side of the road and hit his truck head-on. Fortunately, they didn’t have their children with them, or this tragedy could have been much worse.

Brittany had worked a late shift that night and Jerome had picked her up from work. Usually, he takes his five children with them, but this time they were staying at their grandma’s. Johnson doesn’t like to think about what could have happened if they had been in the truck that night

Eventually, Amanda Kosal admitted that she had been driving under the influence and plead guilty in court. She wept during the hearings, but her family did appear to be approaching the situation with a lot less remorse. In fact, they seemed to think it was funny.

As the family of the man, who had lost his life due to Amanda Kosal’s actions, was reading their statement about how that wreck had impacted their lives, Kosal’s family started laughing in court. Judge Qiana Lillard decided on February 24, 2017, that she was not going to take that type of immature behavior in her courtroom.

She stopped the family’s statements and ordered the court officials to take, the man who had been laughing, out of the room. Lillard stated that he was a “clown” and that it was “time for him to go.” She then told Donna Kosal, Amanda’s mother, that she would send her to jail if she didn’t know how to act.

“These are very serious matters.”

The judge told Kosal’s family that while she understood that they may be upset because their loved one was going to prison, it was important to remember that it was because of “choices that she made”.

Lillard let everyone understand that the situation was not a joke and it won’t happen again in Courtroom 502. Kosal’s stupid actions took away a member of Zirker family, and they were grieving, it’s not funny. She let them know how serious she was by convicting Kosal’s mother with criminal contempt and sentencing her to 93 days in jail.

Donna Kosal was able to learn her lesson as she apologized for her actions the next day. Judge Lillard reduced her sentence to just one day. Her daughter did not fare as well and was given 3 to 15 years for the death of Jerome Zirkler.

A video of Judge Lillard’s reaction to the inappropriate behavior went viral on the internet leaving millions praising her for her actions. She took to social media and thanked everyone for their thought and the privilege to serve Wayne County.

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