If You Cry During Movies, It Actually Means You’re Mentally Tough. Here Is Why

Crying while watching a movie has long been associated with emotional weakness. In addition, those that cry while they are watching a movie are usually laughed about that. They are often viewed as sensitive people. But, a few recent studies have shown that crying while watching a movie is connected to mental strength.

It means you’re an empath. Empathy is a fancy word for understanding other people’s feelings. If you find yourself crying while watching a movie, it means you relate to what the character is going through. Even if you know it’s just an actor on a set, the emotions are real to you. In other words, that person can easily relate to someone else’s grief, suffering, or pain. Empathy is a sign of strength because emotions can be draining. Crying is therefore both a sign of release and recognition. The ability to relate to others will only bring you success in life.

Moreover, empathic people themselves are definitely tough people. Furthermore, they have an ability to psychologically connect to others.

It means you have command over your emotions.

Research shows that crying during movies is actually a good thing. People who cry have qualities beyond empathy: they are extroverted, feminine, have strong self-esteem, and also have experience with stress. Extroversion may surprise you as one of those qualities.

People who are extroverts have higher levels of awareness about what they’re feeling. They also respect themselves more because they’re more likely to “put themselves out there,” even if it means crying while watching a movie. It’s a symbol of strength. If you’re an extrovert, you’re not afraid to shed some tears at an emotional part of a movie. Extroverts also take charge to become leaders.

What’s more, people that cry during a movie subconsciously decide what emotion they should feel based on the tone, facial expressions, body language, and non-verbal cues of the character.

Crying during a movie means that they have an ability to connect to the emotional state that someone else is experiencing based on their facial expressions and situation. Even though they understand that the pain belongs to another person, for instance an actor in a film, they know what it feels like to rejoice, yearn, grieve, or hurt.  Not only are you deeply aware of your own emotions, you can “read” emotions in other people, too.

It’s, without a doubt, an incredible instinct, which defines their power to gauge a person as well as their inner strength to figure out what is wrong and what is right.

They’re better able to pick friends wisely and see through lies. They’re also a creative soul since you truly immerse yourself in a movie.

Go ahead and don’t be afraid to let those tears fall! It gets you in touch with your feelings and increases your mental strength.