Lori Loughlin ‘Strongly Believes’ She Should Not Go To Jail

We all remember watching Lori Loughlin as Aunt Becky on Full House in the 90s, but the actress has been in the public eye once again as part of the infamous college admissions cheating scam that broke this past March. Since then it has been a whirlwind of press coverage and court dates for Loughlin and her family.

She and her husband, designer Mossimo Giannulli, are accused of being part of the scandal which involved bribes of $500,000 paid to get their daughters Olivia and Bella into the University of Southern California (USC), reports CBS News.

On May 13, Entertainment Tonight had an updated exclusive from “a source close to the actress” who shared a glimpse into Lori’s private life and said:

“Jail time has always been a possibility, but since more charges were filed her reality [of not serving time] seems grim. While the fact she could serve time never leaves her mind, she strongly believes she doesn’t deserve to. She truly feels it was all a misunderstanding.”

The same source also told ET about one of their two daughters, Olivia (19),

“Olivia Jade is totally over it and won’t listen to anything her parents say now. She is in no way ready to forgive anything her parents have done. Lori doesn’t understand Olivia’s reaction. She seems to feel her act was selfless and misunderstood and she wants to prove she had all the best intentions and even that she was, in some way, duped into breaking the law.”

It sounds like Olivia is still hurt although the source says that Loughlin thought she would be over it by now. They say that the whole thing could have been avoided if Lori understood Olivia’s wishes of not wanting to go to college but to focus on business instead. The source also dove into reactions of Lori’s loved ones,

“[Lori’s] children and most of her friends aren’t entirely convinced this was some kind of a mistake. They know she is a loving mother who only wants the best for her kids, but they also know she needs to face that what she did was unlawful and [how it ]has affected not only her children but also many others. Her friends want her to rethink her plan for the case and admit some sort of guilt. Her closest friends have stuck by her despite her huge mistake.”

Loughlin’s friends’ pleas for her to own up to her mistakes come at a time when Felicity Huffman, also a famous actress part of the scandal, pleaded guilty for her actions, reports ET this week.

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