Mom Abandons 1-Month-Old Baby – Then Dad Writes Letter About Her Leaving On Social Media

At the beginning of 2015, a man named Richard Johnson welcomed his beautiful daughter into the world. They named her Persephone and within just a month her mother had decided to run away with her daughter to California.

But soon after, she had made up her mind to abandon her daughter as well. She sent threats to her Richard that should put their daughter up for adoption if he wasn’t able to immediately come to pick up his baby.

Who knows what that little newborn girl went through in those few short weeks, going through so much emotional unrest in her first experiences of life. First losing her father and being taken to a new unknown place, and then being abandoned by her mother.

The new dad, who was only 21 at the time, didn’t hesitate. He boarded a plane and retrieved his daughter, glad to have her back in his arms and where he knew she was safe.