People Are Walking Around With $1 Bills That Are Worth Thousands. Here’s What To Look For

A dollar is certainly nothing to sneeze at. It is better than nothing and there are a few cool things that we can purchase with a single dollar. For the most part, it is difficult to imagine being able to make too many important purchases with just one buck. Those who own the right dollar bill just might be able to purchase a whole lot more if they are willing to play their cards right.

All it takes is one dollar bill to make you wealthier than you could have imagined. To find out if your bucks are worth more, it starts by taking a closer look at the serial number on the bill. So what determines whose serial number is valuable and whose is not? As it turns out, there are certain collectors who value numbers that are arranged in a certain way.

If the numbers are arranged in certain patterns, the collectors are willing to pay handsomely. In some instances, the collector could be willing to spend thousands to get their hands on the dollar bill. Bills that have seven repeating digits in their serial number are particularly popular. Seven of a kind is also something that you need to look out for.

Super radars, super repeaters and double quads are also of great interest to the collectors who seek these rare dollar bills. is the place to be if you are seeking further information about these serial numbers and how they can affect your bottom line. The want list is a great resource for those who want to know just how much potential cash is sitting in their wallet.

There are dollar bills that are being sold for prices that can range as high as $1,250. Some sellers have also taken to eBay in hopes of finding buyers for their rare dollar bills. If the dollar bills that are in your collection are not fetching the proper price at Coolserialnumbers, you have the option of heading to eBay to find out more about your money’s worth. published an entire list of the serial numbers on dollar bills that they’re willing to pay tons of money to obtain. They will hand over hundreds and sometimes even thousands for a dollar bill with the right serial number.

The website has published their “want list” which you can download by visiting their site.

What are some things they’re looking for?

-7 in a row of the same number like 29999999
-7 of the same number 99990999
-Super radars like 01111110, 10000001, or 80000008
-Repeaters like 67676767
-Double quads like 11110000
-0 and 9 binaries like 00090000
-1 and 8 binaries like 81188118

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