There’s a Restaurant in New Jersey That Replaces Bread With Pickles On Its Sandwiches

Let us ask you a very important question: What’s your favorite part about a sandwich? Is it the meat? The veggies? The bread? The sauce? What truly makes a sandwich memorable for you?

Personally, we’re all about the pickle. Some might find that strange; isn’t that just one tiny little insignificant part of a sandwich? Not when you’re a pickle lover! From dill to gherkin and bread and butter, we just can’t get enough of that tangy, sour crunch on our sandwiches.

That’s why we basically lost our minds when we found out that there’s a restaurant that replaces its bread for sandwiches with freaking PICKLES.

It’s called Elsie’s, located in Haddon Township, New Jersey, and they’re totally changing the sandwich-pickle relationship. We’re drooling just thinking about it (and we’re sure all other pickle lovers, pregnant women and bread haters are too!).

Every single sandwich they make is served sans bread…just your meat, cheese, veggies and toppings stuffed between two delicate pieces of pickle. You can choose between using your creativity to build your own sandwich, or choosing one of the specialty sandwiches they have on their menu.

“Essentially, we’re a sandwich shop without the bread,” Katherine Cohen, Elsie’s co-owner, told Thrillist. “We have a family pickle recipe that we resurrected.”

Elsie’s has got some killer choices when it comes to what goes into your pickle sandwich. They’ve got all your favorite meats, like roast beef, corned beef, turkey, ham and salami, plus drool-worthy toppings like sriracha mayo and spicy wasabi mayo. They even offer crushed potato chips as a topping, in case you’re really needing a carb.

But seriously, for those who are trying to avoid those carbs, how great is this place? Most of their sandwiches are served on one large Kosher pickle, but you can also choose to get roll-up sandwiches with thinner pickles or even cucumbers. They’re basically like a healthier, cooler piece of sushi, and they fit every type of eater. You’ll get six little roll-ups, which makes the perfect healthy lunch.

“Our pickles have been made with the same family recipe for many years using only fresh ingredients and peppered with more than a little love,” the company writes on their Facebook page. “We cater to a Keto and Gluten Free lifestyle and it is our sincere honor to pamper guests with our curated selection of sandwiches and roll ups constructed on our Elsie’s Signature Pickle.”

Everyone who has a chance to visit Elsie’s loves it—you can tell from the raving reviews the shop has.

“We stopped by for the first time yesterday and we loved our pickle sandwiches!!! Fresh ingredients, delicious pickles and a sweet welcoming staff all with smiles!” someone wrote.

“This place is a gem!! Deliciously unique & healthy creations. Everything is always fresh & the ladies are friendly,” someone else said.

We can’t wait to get our pickle fix on at Elsie’s! How about you, does a sandwich that replaces its bread with a pickle sound appetizing to you? What sandwich combo would you order first?